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              Caring for our people and communities

              “Building social value, investing in people, respecting the environment – all have assumed their rightful place, not only as key elements of corporate reputation, but as hallmarks of good management and long-term business growth.” ?

              - John Wren, President and Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom Group

              2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

              This report celebrates the many ways that Omnicom and its agencies are working to achieve social and environmental progress for our clients, our people, our shareholders, and the communities around us. We’re doing it by using our strengths of creativity, collaboration and respect for differences.

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              Corporate Responsibility

              Omnicom fosters a culture of collaboration

              Omnicom Group and our agencies share similar priorities of investing in our people, protecting the environment, and giving back to the communities in which we operate.

              These are more than just the right things to do. They are the right path to the sustained growth and success of our business. We continue to make great strides in our journey of making the world a better place thanks to the dedication and passion of our people.

              Talent drives our business - image collage

              Talent drives our business

              Learn how Omnicom and our agencies’ culture of collaboration and creativity underpins everything we do for our clients, our people, our shareholders, and the communities around us.

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              Commitment to diversity

              We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a world-class workforce that reflects our global community. It's important to us that our people encompass diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

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              Devoted to the highest ethical standards

              Omnicom is committed to the highest ethical standards in the communities where we do business. Our Human Rights Policy and Code of Business Conduct outline our responsibility to protect human rights.?

              We Value Our